COO - Operational Excellence

At myCOO we provide Chief Operating Officer (COO) expertise and experience to small and medium-sized businesses on a fully outsourced, part-time or on a project by project basis.

Working primarily with service and technology companies, myCOOoffers an almost unique Fortune 500 experience, professionalism and expertise to new and growing companies, and, most importantly on a highly affordable basis. myCOO works with owners and senior leadership team members to leverage not just people but processes and technology, helping in building world-class operations that both increase profits and fuel business growth.

Our operational expertise yields tangible results, makes your business fast track for success, growth,and increased profitability.


COO - Operational Excellence

Some areas that we cover include the following:

  • Chief Operating Officer role, from 1-5 days a week
  • Research and creation of a business plan
  • Organisational structure and advice
  • Review of systems and / or implementation
  • Employee handbooks
  • Sales & Marketing strategy
  • Expense management and processes
  • Review of costs / expenses

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